Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lately Libby, Linsey and I have been working on a fundraiser where we will sell homemade dog treats and dog collars. We have been calling pet stores seeing where we can do our fundraiser. It has been very good and so far we have met a lot of nice people. We contacted Schnucks to see if they could donate some ingredients for our homemade dog treats. We were able to get in contact with Lisa who is the extremely nice manager of Schnucks and she was happy to donate the ingredients. We were able to get everything we needed thanks to Lisa. We also got in contact with Michaels (the art store) and they gave us some coupons so we could get the fabric we needed  for the Collars. We are now getting in touch with nice people from many stores such as Kennelwood, No leash needed, and Stay Rescue. We will let you know how everything goes!